It’s not everyday that someone gets to say their name is on the moon. Yet if you were to ever visit the moon that’s where you’ll find the name of our founder and Chief Technologist Roy Taylor and the names of his launch team colleagues.

As a former aerospace engineer for Lockheed and NASA, Roy worked on many exciting projects, including the Gemini-Agena Target Vehicle project. Roy’s specialty and passion – propulsion.

In his time away from work Roy enjoyed playing golf. As he says, he wasn’t a scratch golfer, but he enjoyed getting outdoors with friends and knocking the ball around.

One day, while out on the course with a friend from Cape Canaveral, Roy found himself growing frustrated with his game.

As he approached a par 5 tee, Roy’s friend jokingly said “I love you Taylor, but I can’t play golf with you.” The comment was all in fun, as only friends will do, but...

That was all Roy needed to hear. His competitive spirit and rocket science propulsion brain kicked into gear. He thought “There must be a better way.”

And the journey began.

Today, after 15 years of development and 5 patents, Roy’s vision has become a reality. To Roy’s delight, EZeeGolf, the world’s first swingless golf club is now available to help anyone and everyone play and enjoy the game of golf.  

As Roy likes to say, one quick lesson and you’re on your way. Give it a shot today!

story-driverEZeeGolf Power Club (no swing required)

The patented EZeeGolf Power Club lets you control the distance.
Propel golf balls from 50 up to 200 yards!

No swing required. Just Ready-Aim-Fire. Game On!


• One EZeeGolf Power Club
• One Protective Golf Club Head Cover
• Five Play Power Packs (45 shot power strip) good for 225
   total shots, covering more than five full rounds of golf!








Full Warranty

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