About EzeeGolf

What is the status of EZeeGolf?

EZeeGolf is currently pausing all sales of the EZeeGolf Golf Club, but we are still provided accessories.

Why are the sales being paused?

We are happy to inform you that a next generation of the club is going into large scale production. The previous club was a first generation prototype that was being  produced in very small quantities while refinements were being made. 

When will full sales be restarted?

We are now introducing the new refined next generation club into a crowdfunding platform on Indiegogo or Kickstarter sometime over the next couple of months in order to bring the club to the attention of the mass market where everyone will have the ability to play golf. 

 Has a manufacturer been selected?

After using prototype machine companies for initial development,  a new manufacturer has now been selected specifically for EZeeGolf  to mass produce the next generation Golf Club.  

When will EZeeGolf start selling the new EZeeGolf Club?

The new EZeeGolf Club will be ready for ordering following the completion  of the crowd funding process.  Please watch our web site for further details.

Can I still purchase club accessories during the crowd funding process?

Yes power strips, Balistol and golf balls will remain available

Will I still be able to have my club serviced?

Yes all servicing questions can still be directed through the website or the 800 number.

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