• Rocket Science

    Rocket Science

    High precision design by a former
    aerospace engineer
  • Premium Materials

    Premium Materials

    Proudly made in the USA using the
    highest quality materials
  • Range Control Device

    Range Control Device

    You control the distance, 50-200 yards.
    No swing required
  • Safety First

    Safety First

    Built in dual-trigger safety
  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

  • Fun for all ages

    Fun for all ages

    Now everyone can enjoy the game
Great for beginners!

“I'm an avid golfer...but newly married to a (wonderful) woman who never played the game. The EZeeGolf Power Club is the perfect club for my wife. Now we can both enjoy the golf together. Thank you for making this an easy transition into...marriage”  : )

- Ted M., 36, Denver, CO

Everyone can have fun!

“I love the social aspects of the game. We now have a 'regular' EZeeGolf foursome every Wednesday at our course. We play with regular clubs on other days too...but this is actually MORE fun than any of us have  ever had on the course!”

- Beth R., 48, Dallas, TX

No Limits!

“Getting back out on the golf course again after 20 years has been a godsend to me. After suffering a stroke and experiencing limited mobility, I can now enjoy the game again. Thanks EZeeGolf!”

- T. Faravelli, Mountain View, CA

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