EZeeGolf Sport

EZeeGolf can be played everywhere traditional golf is played.   EZeeGolf only adds to the sport of traditional golf since it is played on a full size golf course, by the same rules as traditional golf with only a few minor exceptions.  EZeeGolfers play right along with traditional golfers whether it’s just a casual round of golf or in a tournament setting with of course the permission of the tournament organizers.

Soon EZeeGolf will have its own professional tournaments where the equipment requirements will include the use of the EZeeGolf club.  Otherwise the tournaments will be held in the exact same manner as traditional professional events, with the exception being the traditional equipment as specified in the PGA rules.

EZeeGolf is here for the nine out of ten people that don’t golf for various reasons, we’re bringing them to the golf course helps fill up empty tee times including the aging population and the partners of avid golfers to name just types of groups.

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EZeeGolf Testimonials:

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"EZeeGolf allowed me to golf like I use to"

Ted F. - stroke survivor
San Jose CA
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“I see EZeeGolf as the only way many would enjoy our golf course.”

Tom Jones, GM, Willow Park Golf Course

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Now my wife can finally join me out on the golf course

John Gilvary, Golfer

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I injured my back 4 years ago. EZeeGolf gets me back on the golf course

Doug Wiley - Fremont, CA - Injured Golfer

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EZeeGolf is a fun way to go out with my friends and have a blast!

Tony Munton - Sunnyvale, CA - Golfer

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“My son, who was born blind at birth, can now enjoys golfing with me.”

- Tom Krumland

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“EZeeGolf will help people get back to the course.”

- Don Delorenzo, General Manager Gilroy GC

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“EZeeGolf is the greatest thing!”

- Bob Burns, PGA Lifetime Member

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“The EZeeGolf is the best club ever made, especially for the disabled”

- Peter Krumland, Blind EZeeGolfer

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“I don’t have much of a golf game but I do have business gatherings on golf courses and EZeeGolf allows me that opportunity to participate.”

- James Vollmer


EZeeGolf supports everyone who wishes to enjoy the golfing experience, especially the physically limited.


Although EZeeGolf can be enjoyed in just 10 minutes of instruction, we strongly recommend that all EZeeGolfers take a few lessons from the local PGA golf professional on pitching and putting, rules and etiquette and do’s and don’t once you make it out to the golf course.