EZeeGolf Profit

EZeeGolf = EZee-Money for Course Owners!

Cost to Golf Facility  =  The cost to the golf facility is the monthly rental fee which ranges from $45.00 to $75.00 per set depending on the number of sets ordered (4-12 sets/$75, 13-24 sets/$60 and 25 or more/$45) and a one-time set up fee of $450.  This fee covers the cost of the System to Increase Rounds of Golf and the supporting EZeeGolf marketing accessories as well as the initial EZeeGolf loads to power the EZeeGolf clubs.  The cost of additional EZeeGolf loads is $10 per round however this cost recouped through the EZeeGolf set rental fee paid by the EZeeGolfer at time of check-in.

Each set is rented an average of 30 times per month or 360 times per year (Some sets rent twice per day AM round and PM round).

Each EZeeGolf set will generate $1,200.00 in revenues per month based on 30 rounds per month at $40.00 per round.

Revenue Projections = The figures below reflect the average green fee of $40.00 per round not including additional revenue from food, drink and golf-related accessories purchased by EZeeGolfers once at the course.

# of sets in Circulation

Number of Rounds Played

Gross Revenues

(360x per year)

Net Profits

(#Rounds. X $40)